Tuesday, April 22, 2008

JB Jeyaratnam at Reform Party's Press Conference

"The PAP has given the impression that all that matters is money."

"The first thing that has to be done is to educate our people, encourage them, empower them... so that they themselves will see the need to do something themselves."

"Human dignity matters. Not wealth, not money, not having cars, houses. In the final analysis, a country will have to be judged not by the magnificance of its buildings, its roads, its infrastructure or its services. It's going to be judged by the quality of its people. There was a survey, some time ago, of the countries with the happiest people. Singapore ranks very low. That gives you an indication of the progress Singapore has made."


Gabriel Sim said...

Thanks for leavin a comment in my blog.

I think that the youth are disillusioned with the political system in singapore. Perhaps we all feel that to an extent.

Ranting is definately easier than actually doing something and standing for elections.

Might I ask if Seelan will be standing in the next GE? Under the SDP ticket or maybe as an independent?

I ask because young or old, we all need leaders we can connect with.

There is a certain comfort or feeling of security when lets say you are lead into the hustings with a figure such as JBJ.

But we also need people closer to our age for their energy and unbridled enthusiasm.

If people like Seelan do not step forward, how do you expect other young singaporeans to do likewise.

Singapore Indian Voice said...

Seelan here, by the way. I have been asked to join some of the opposition parties before but I declined. I have not had any interest in standing for elections, perhaps not yet.

When I wonder whether its a bad thing, I do point the finger at myself too.

And as I myself have had my reservations, I definitely do not expect other young Singaporeans to step forward to join parties and stand for elections, either.

However, I do encourage friends my age to become more aware, attend socio-political events and increase their participation step by step (as I have).

Gabriel Sim said...

Hi Seelan,

Yes, we all could do with a good dose of reality.

Attaining awareness is the first step towards mental freedom.

"If you want to talk politics you should join a party" is so PAP logic. We are all by nature political beings.

There is no need to be weary over the lack of political representation by the current generation of young people. Politics is like religion, it finds you and not the other way around. I also believe in market forces. If there is a need, someone will always come along to fill it.