Thursday, June 19, 2008

JBJ’s Reform Party registration is approved

The Reform Party, veteran politician J.B. Jeyaretnam’s comeback political party, has had its registration approved.

On Tuesday 17 June, two months after the 82-year-old had applied to register the party, he received word that the application was approved.

The Reform Party starts with 10 committee members, who includes former members of other opposition political parties.

Its first order of business will be an inauguration dinner, set for July 11.

Mr Jeyaretnam only returned to the political fray last year, after being discharged as a bankrupt.

He became bankrupt in 2001 after failing to pay some $600,000 in lost defamation suits.

He discharged himself from bankruptcy last year and restarted his law practice. He also intends to contest the next general election, due in 2011.

Apart from Mr Jeyaretnam, other members of the new party include Mr Ng Teck Siong, 68; Mr Teo Kian Chye, 49; and Mr Gopal Prabhakaran, 55.

All are former WP members. Another member, Mr Edmund Ng, 35, was formerly with the National Solidarity Party.

If any supporters wish to attend their inauguration dinner on the 11th July, 2008, Please contact: Ng Teck Siong on H/p No. 91179350 or Amy Lui H/p No. 98476900.