Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Arrested M Ravi had no food at police station and charged before investigation completed
Source: Uncle Yap

Yesterday in Court 26, after he was charged with the 2 aboves, Mr. M Ravi told the judge that he had no food since the night before, and was not given any food nor drink at Cantonment Police Complex where he was arrested and detained, he had been hungry all the way until he was in court. The lock-up's mata gave him a tea after that.

Mr. Ravi told the judge that the famiLEE LEEgime mata first took only a short statement (which have a special police formal document type number) and then soon he was charged and made to sign the charge sheet already, before the long statement (which have a very different police formal document type number) was taken. That is to say that he was charged so quickly before any formal investigation process was completed. That is a wrong matter in law.

It thus very obvious that the charges are being INSTRUCTED UPON the Investigation Officers, who were just rushing to complete their task to bring Mr. Ravi to court before the court's day's end. Court 26 was already in the night court mode when I left. This is the sign that the charges are not the result of a normal police investigation process, and the result had been determined before the very short process was rushed to meet the court's hours.

Why so? Because they wanted Mr. Ravi in IMH before dark and not want him in Cantonment Police Complex.

Mr. Ravi spoke very well in court yesterday, and rebuked the prosecutor's KIND OFFER to have him checked and examined in Institute of Mental Health which prosecutor said was MEANT FOR HIS (Ravi's) OWN GOOD. Mr Ravi said he has his own doctor who is very professionally qualified who treated him in 2006 at Adams Road Hospital, and he does not need the KIND OFFER of prosecutor.

Mr. Ravi spoke very clearly as he personally addressed the court for about 20 minutes, with profound knowledge of law & police procedures. The judge was convinced that it is not necessary to commit M Ravi to any mental remand.