Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lawyer M Ravi sent to IMH for assessment

Seelan Palay: I can't believe this is happening, but it is. Below is an excerpt from a news article on the issue, followed by an excerpt from Uncle Yap's personalized account on Ravi's mistrial.

Lawyer M Ravi, who's alleged to have disturbed a group of worshippers praying in a mosque earlier this month, has been taken into remand.

He'll be sent to the Institute of Mental Health for psychiatric assessment after District Judge Carol Ling granted the prosecution's request the second time around.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Toh Shin Hao's first request was dismissed by the judge.

Explaining her decision to grant the request this morning, the Judge said she found few instances where Mr Ravi was unsound.

She also said that Mr Ravi seemed lucid in court.

Full article at 93.8 Live

From Uncle Yap's blog:

As simple as any layman will understand, it is a mistrial today at court for M Ravi's hearing regarding AGC's re-application to commit him to remand in Institute of Mental Health.

Mr. Ravi discharged his council Mr. Chia Ti Lik at the very beginning of the trial in open court at court 9, the trail went on for the entire morning with Mr. Ravi only representing himself without any other council. Under the law's very basic providence, any person on trial have the rights to council, however, the deputy public prosecutor went on the hearing asking the court to commit Mr. Ravi to IMH, as the accused Ravi who is supposedly of unsound-mind DID NOT HAVE ANY COUNCIL. And the presiding judge still let this application and argument went on for entire morning session.

Any layman of law will be able to simply understand that an accused person should not be defending in person without any council, against an application to commit himself to remand in mental hospital for having UNSOUND MIND. How can a person of UNSOUND MIND be able to represent himself? How can a court accept to hear an application in such a seriously unfair and prejudiced condition? How can this be right under any kind of law or legal system?

Click here and read his full account, including news on Gopalan Nair.


Joe said...

well the thing is, M Ravi has had a history of outbursts. Remember the Fa Lun Gong incident?