Saturday, August 2, 2008

OH! (A play on local social and political issues)

By Singapore's most controversial playwright, Elangovan. Please attend and support this weekend. Tickets sold at the door. I will be attending on Saturday, Aug 2nd.

written & directed by ELANGOVAN
performed by Ahamed Ali Khan, Dew M. Chaiyanara, Gillian Tan, Hemang Yadav, Lee Gao Ju, Max Ling & Shaiful Risan
music by Lee Gao Ju
Production Manager: S Thenmoli
Sat 2 & Sun 3 Aug 2008 8 pm $20 Guinness Theatre, The Substation
Tickets available at the door from 7 pm
R 18 (Adult Themes / Strong Language)

Tung-tung chiang. Tung-tung-chiang. I saw the police and all the RC members They lined up to welcome the new chief. I also joined the line. Nobody noticed me in the crowd. It was so exciting. Everyone thought I was also an official. The chief was shaking everyone's hands. When he shook my hand, I kneeled and kissed his hand. He was shocked but appreciated my gesture. I then asked him, "Boss, how do you feel about getting three million dollars when the rest of us are struggling to make ends meet?" He stared at me and said, "Oh! It is a honest mistake. What to do? We'll talk about it. Don't forget to vote for me in future." He is sincere. I sure vote for him. Tung-tung-chiang. Tung-tung chiang. Tung-tung-chiang.

I love Singapore. It is an honest mistake. What to do?
Do you think I, a magician have gone mad? You belief you are normal because you think you are mentally organized? You are proud that you are cultured and refined as your behaviour is deemed socially acceptable by other monkeys around you? You have joined the tribe that listens, thinks and excretes the same and forms the majority segment of this society? You are sane and only your dominant group will define insanity for those like me who dance to a different beat? What will happen to your world when I get an opportunity to re-define your sanity with my magic wand at a convenience store? Have you ever been possessed by a chatty ghost before? Have you ever helped your senile mother to slice her jugular vein? Have you heard voices ringing non-stop in your head telling you to terminate those who: - do not sing the national anthem because it is the language of a race you can't stand; switch off the life-support system of the local braindead soldier for organ transfer to save a foreign dictator; blackmail and molest the pizza-delivery boy for being late; interrogate the idealistic reporter for telling the truth; stab any foreign talent for refusing to appreciate your magic at the hawker centre? My home-visit is due. I tak boleh tahan (cannot take it) anymore. Can I, a schizophrenic, I mean an 'urban shaman' kill someone with kindness please?

ELANGOVAN, bilingual poet, playwright-director, screenwriter, literary editor, transcreator, and pioneer of modern Tamil poetry and Tamil experimental theatre in Singapore, obtained a BA (Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts) and a MA (Middlesex University, UK) in Theatre Directing.