Sunday, August 17, 2008

Saakadai & Sathai - Two edgy local Tamil plays

I attended this great double bill of plays by Ravindran Drama Group on Saturday night. Very edgy, raw and confrontational works which I highly recommend, 17 Aug is the last day so catch it if you can.

Performance Date : 15 (8pm) & 16 August 2008 (3pm & 8 pm)

Tickets $19 Call RDG Hotline 91940941 or 6100-2005

This production is rated RA (18 ) for Course Language and presented in Tamil.

Synopsis of Saakadai (Filth)
The play explores the disgusting nature of people where the words they speak, emit the stench of feces; the sights they see, direct to the residence of vulgar; the things they do, shock and cripple one’s comprehension on the way some people can live their lives... lives of sewer. Rather than inching and kissing on the subject matter, Saakadai devours on the stinking societal issues that are happening right before our very own eyes yet regarded transparent as if it never existed. Was that the intention? Or has it become a norm one has become comfortable with? If that’s the case, come! Let’s get comfortable in filth.

Synopsis of Sathai (Flesh)
Flesh attempts to break social boundaries set within the community for personal gain. The play is positioned within a complex barter trade practiced in society where sex is the commodity. Are women victims of lust, objects of desire, heartbreakers, emotionalists, feminists and manipulative? On the other hand, are men impulsive, horny, reckless, and chauvinistic? These questions tread further in the play to unfold a story that takes you to the darker realms of the human mind. Flesh explores the reality of human behavior being taken as a product of interest. Sexual satisfaction is juxtaposed as flesh trade. This concept is triggered from the recent influx of media programmes, where sexuality was used as a commodity to satisfy a global demand.


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