Tuesday, November 25, 2008

1st year anniversary of HINDRAF rally

Seelan Palay: Today, November the 25th, marks the 1st year anniversary of the mammoth HINDRAF rally in Kuala Lumpur. The HINDRAF 5 are still denied a fair trial and detained indefinitely under the ISA, but since then at least the people of Malaysia have woken up and taken concrete measures for democratic change.

I was there with my fellow activist Kai Xiong, facing armed riot police and water cannons and tear gas on the streets. I will never forget the spirit of the people that day who braved all that. The echos of their slogans still ring in my ears. We also met with Uthayakumar a day after the rally. I am confident that we shall meet him again soon.

When I got back to Singapore, I made a music video with the footage that I recorded. Here it is, for rememberance's sake:


balan said...

Well, what HINDRAF refuse to understand is that their parents and leaders agreed to the 'social contract’ and related constitution wholeheartedly before the independence was granted. If they have anyone to blame, if should be the people and Indian leaders during the period.