Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ban on yoga: Malay-Indians want Badawi to intervene

Tue, Nov 25, Yahoo news

The Indian community in Malaysia will appeal to Premier Abdullah Badawai seeking his intervention over the ban on yoga by clerics for the Muslims as haram.

Expressing that yoga was an ancient Indian art, the Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) on Monday said that no religious connotations should be attached to it.

"We would like to set the record straight," Samy Vellu, the President of the MIC said, adding that they wanted any misgivings in any quarter in this regard to be clarified.

He said for this his organisation would take up the issue with Premier Abdullah and told the Indian community not to get emotional over the fatwa. "We understand the feelings of the people particularly the Hindu community," he said adding that the Council's decision to brand yoga as haram had upset some ethnic Indians.

The MIC's comment should not be construed as questioning the right of the National Fatwa Council, but we are merely pointing out the sensitivity involved in a multi-racial and multi-religious society like Malaysia, Samy Vellu added.

Meanwhile, Sultan of Selangor State, Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah, said that the National Fatwa Council's edict on yoga being haram for Muslims is yet to be implemented in Selangor as the state Fatwa Committee has yet to meet over the matter. The statement said the Selangor Fatwa Committee would meet to deliberate the matter "in greater detail so that a decision is not made hastily".