Thursday, November 27, 2008

India is our friend, we are not against any country, remove the hindrance of ban: Pirapaharan

TamilNet, Thursday, 27 November 2008

While conveying his love and gratitude to the people and leaders of Tamil Nadu and leaders of India who have grasped the heartbeat of Eezham Tamils and have come forward with timely support, the LTTE leader V.Pirapaharan in his Hero’s Day speech on Thursday requested them to voice firmly for Tamil Eelam and to undertake conducive measures to remove the ban, a great hindrance to amicable relationship between India and the LTTE.

“At no stage did we ever consider India as an enemy force. Our people always consider India as our friend. They have great expectations that the Indian super power will take a positive stand on our national question”, he said. The LTTE leader also requested the world powers to remove the ban on it, citing that the LTTE never schemed any act against any country and the Tamil struggle is not against the geopolitical, national or economic interests of any country.

"We are waging a defensive war for the freedom of our people," the LTTE leader said.

"Even though the armed struggle was thrust on us by inevitable needs, yet we wish to stop the war and seek a peaceful resolution to the national question of our people. Our freedom movement is always ready for it. We are not opposed to a peaceful resolution. We have never hesitated to participate in peace talks."

Talking on the modus operandi of the previous peace efforts, Mr. Pirapaharan said, "some countries which identified themselves as so-called Peace Sponsors, rushed into activities which impaired negotiations. They denigrated our freedom movement as a terrorist organisation. [..] Humanitarian activities pursued by our law-abiding people in many countries, well within the purview of the law of the land, have been belittled and curtailed. [...] humanitarian activities were branded as criminal activities in those countries. [...] This further aggravated the racist attitude of the Sinhala state."

"In truth, this is not a war against the LTTE as the Sinhala state professes. This is a war against the Tamils; against the Tamil nation. In short, a genocidal war."

"We are conducting this struggle with the unrelenting support of the Tamil people, the world over."

"No great changes have taken place in the Sinhala political panorama. [...] In Sinhalam, from politicians to spiritual leaders, from journalists to ordinary people, their voice is raised only in support of the war."

"The Sinhala nation is refusing to acknowledge the historic homeland of the Tamils. In such a situation, how will it offer a just solution to our people?"

"Even the tinge of hope our people had that the Sinhala nation will abandon its path of violence and offer justice, has now evaporated."

"It is true Tamil Eelam is a small nation on the globe. However it is a nation with great potential. It is a nation with a characteristic individuality. It has a distinctive language, cultural heritage and history. Sinhalam seeks with its military might to destroy all these. It seeks to destroy Tamil sovereignty and replace it with Sinhala sovereignty. As the freedom movement of the people of Tamil Eelam we will never, ever allow Sinhala occupation or Sinhala domination of our homeland."

The LTTE leader expressed a special note of affection and appreciation to the Tamil diaspora youth for their committed and active role in contributing towards the liberation of Tamils.

For the full text of V. Pirapaharan's speech click here.


Roy Muller said...

India stop the covert aiding of Racist Sri Lanka regime in its genocide againts Tamils.

Sargunan said...

I am not very proud the way that the Tamil Tigers actually carry out their attempts at independence...They are essentially a terrorist outfit and I am in no doubt that India as a whole does not support a group who actually killed thousands of innocent Tamils and the Indian PM....Unless they change their approach to independence through a non-violent manner, they are not going to ever get international support for their endeavours...