Sunday, November 16, 2008

Report: Peace Vigil for Sri Lanka (Photos updated)

Over a hundred people from all walks of life attended our Peace Vigil for Sri Lanka yesterday, an unprecedented public demonstration on this issue in Singapore.

Several people came to know our activity through the report in the Straits Times on Nov 13. Word of the event was also publicised through SMS, email, Facebook as well as blogs online.

The vigil began with an introductory address by S. Sivabalan, after which organisers and attendees proceeded to light candles to signify their hope for peace in Sri Lanka. They also left their personal messages on the board provided.

We distributed flyers and badges to those present who shared their views and concerns on the war.

Several curious on-lookers also approached us to enquire about the situation in Sri Lanka. They indicated surprise and mentioned how little they knew of the conflict.

Along with the discussions taking place all around, some observed silence throughout as a mark of respect for the deceased.

Prominent figures in Singapore’s civil and political society, including members of the Reform Party, Singapore Democratic Party and National Solidarity Party came to show their support. Braema Mathi of AWARE and blogger Ng E-Jay of Sgpolitics also graced the event

The glow of candle lights grew along with the crowd as the evening went on, with the elderly, teenagers and whole families turning up.

At about 7pm, V. Rajarahm ended the day by thanking the attendees and gathered everyone to take a final group photograph.

The team wholeheartedly thanks everyone who showed your support and stand in solidarity with the people of Sri Lanka. We hope to see you at our upcoming forum.

2 other reports on our event are available at Sgpolitics and The Online Citizen.

Photographs by Chan Sijia