Friday, December 12, 2008

Shafiie, Isrizal, John Tan - 3 brave Singaporeans



John Tan

Seelan: Two of my friends, Shafiie and Isrizal will be sent to serve a 7 day jail sentence starting today for opposing the Lee regime in Singapore. Both of them and John Tan (who starts his 15 day sentence next week) are being sentenced for the supposed "contempt of court" in wearing t-shirts with the picture of a kangaroo in a judge's gown on them during the defamation hearing between Lee Kuan Yew and the Singapore Democrats.

When asked to apologise to the court, all 3 valiantly refused. I salute my friends, they are deserving of all our respect for their courage, conviction and unyielding spirit!

I will add links to other reports as they appear later. But for now some information is available on the SDP website.