Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Singapore falls short of banning production and use of cluster munitions

What it looks like when cluster bombs DON'T explode…

What it looks like when cluster bombs DO explode…

World Without War Sg: A joint press statement by the Ministry of Foreign affairs and Ministry of Defence states that Singapore has imposed an indefinite moratorium on the export of cluster munitions with immediate effect. It goes on to state that 'Singapore remains committed to the responsible use of cluster munitions for self-defence.'

While we welcome the government's initiative to halt its export of cluster munitions, we disagree that cluster munitions are essential for self-defence and we categorically reject their use for any purpose as they cause grievous harm to civilians even long after a conflict.

A recent example of an attack by the Sri Lankan army where cluster bombs devastated the lives of innocent civilians is reason enough to conclude that the very nature of such weaponry makes its use alarmingly prone to irresponsibility.

Charles Tan, our Singaporean correspondent in Australia elaborates on our website.