Saturday, January 24, 2009

Filming an illegal event is… illegal?

Seelan: Obviously this entire law is to counter Martyn See, Choon Hiong and others like The Online Citizen who have been effective in showing Singaporeans what the government-controlled media does not. Read Martyn See’s & Choon Hiong's takes on the issue.

Source: The Online Citizen

Will recording or filming of events which are considered illegal in law now itself be considered illegal? This is what the Home Affairs Ministry seems to propose to amendments of the Films Act.

Does this mean that no one is allowed or will be allowed to film an illegal protest, for example?

The following is a copy of the report in the Straits Times, January 23 - which was published at the bottom of page C6.

Also read Ganga Sudhan's "My Dear Government, Why Do You Treat Me So?".


Ganga said...

The change is quite apalling and effectively makes the filming of almost anything that is not pro-government illegal. But if you read the actual Bill, the most important change that impacts the public is not explained and is instead glossed over using a generalisation.

I have attempted to dissect the proposed bill by comparing the existing provisions of the Films Act and the proposed changes as spelt out in the Bill in the following article for those interested:
My Dear Government, Why Do You Treat me So?

Note: Thanks for the inspiration for the blog entry, Seelan...