Monday, January 5, 2009


Anonymous said...

those old photos are priceless. i always thought these old photos of singapore were so precious in seeing how singapore was before. We hav definitely seen our dear Lee Kuan Yew in action in those history books, but i;m glad to see some alternative photos of our past, and this being JBJ's older days. Meaningful lyrics from the tamil song. thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...


from hcpunk

Anonymous said...

Well said indeed!

Difficult to practice in Stinkapore under LeeRegime!

Anonymous said...

Old man in 80s still holding job with out of the world salary!

Pple in 40s/50s are jobless - hard to find jobs!

Such is the state of affairs in Sinkapore!

No thanks to Papees!!SUFFERING LOT!

Anonymous said...

Singapore is so heavily guarded you cannot say or do anything against the Lee Regime!

No freedom! Its stifling!

Just work/slog to pay bills all your lives!

Anonymous said...

As respectable as he is, do you think we should be revering JBJ as much as we are doing? What would JBJ want us to do? I think the time for mourning is over, and the best way to honour JBJ is to do social work and continue our activism.

Anonymous said...

No one dares to even smile at each other these days!

Let alone shake hands!

Either one is busy or afraid!



Singapore Indian Voice said...

Hi Anonymous #6, I agree that we should not over-idolize anyone, but I felt this dedication timely and aimed to remind others of the values he stood for, and of conviction and dedication to the cause against the PAP government in Singapore so that we may reflect upon ourselves and move into the future.

I have been and will continue with my activism, hopefully you would too.

Anonymous said...

"Activism" in Stinkapore under Lee Regime?????

What a joke?????

Better be like Gopalan Nair !

Do it from outside !!

No Freedom of expression here lah!

Kena lock up than you know!

Anonymous said...

it is time to ask whether we are paying our ministers too much to do too little????????

Anonymous said...

At every step of the way, Lee Kuan Yew treated all his allies as pawns in his political game, to be used, abused and discarded as he deemed fit."

Anonymous said...

These are extreme times and we need extreme measures,’

But what is PAP doing to help Singaporeans????????????

Anonymous said...

"Remember, our biggest struggle is not against the PAP, -

-it is against what the PAP has done to our minds."

Anonymous said...


Please re-post this video at every timely interval possible; there can be no better reminder to Singaporeans about what SHOULD really matter in our lives.

Thanks for the English subtitles because I don't understand Tamil.