Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Singapore Prepares to Gobble Up Its Last Village

Source: NY Times

It is Singapore’s secret Eden, a miniature village hidden in trees among the massed apartment blocks, where a fresh breeze rustles the coconut palms and tropical birds whoop and whistle.

White butterflies flutter among the mango and star fruit trees, and tiny fish swim in a tiny stream.

With just 28 houses in an area the size of three football fields, it is Singapore’s last rural hamlet, a forgotten straggler in the rush to modernize this high-rise, high-tech city-state.

But apparently not for much longer. The village, called Kampong Buangkok, is slated by the government for demolition and redevelopment, possibly in the near future. When it is gone, one of the world’s most extreme national makeovers will be complete.Read the full article here.

Seelan: I made a personal reflection on Kampung Buangkok during my visit there months back, read it here.

Here's a 2007 documentary on Kampung Buangkok.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Anonymous said...

sad to know that this place is gona be demolish. during my morning runs i usually run past kampong buangkok or jus go there to take some fotos. why must our govt do such stuff. wouldnt preserving our last kampong actually do more good to our heritage?

Singapore Indian Voice said...

At a time when other nations are looking into the possibilities and positive effects of "Green/Eco Tourism", we just decide to wipe out our last village.

Anonymous said...

haha.... Uniquely Singapore.

Anonymous said...

I would think greed is the reason why this government wants to acquire the land. Just look around and you can see there is still a lot of vacant land and yet they still want to gobble the last kampung. Sad.