Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Burmese activist exiled from Singapore receives UN refugee status

From Moe Kyaw Thu, one of the 2 Burmese activists that we protested for recently:

Dear All,

I would like to update my situation as a Burmese activist who departed from Singapore.

1) I had applied UNHCR refugee on the 24th Nov 2008 once I know that non-renewable of my work pass.

2) I had interviewed by a protection officer on the Dec 5th Jan in Singapore. I left from Singapore 27th Jan 2009 after expired date of my work-permit.

3) I had reported to UNHCR Jakarta office on the 28th Jan 09 and I had received "Asylum Seeker Certificate" on the 30th Jan 2009. [According to official from UNHCR-Jakarta presently, Asylum seeker from Singapore is regionally covered by Malaysia and Thailand] so that my profile has to transferred to Jakarta accordingly.

4) On the 9th of Feb I've received phone call from UNHCR for notification of my asylum decision and given appoint date on 16th Feb 2009.

5) 16th Feb 2009 I met up with Protection officer and I had received recognition of "UNHCR REFUGEE CERTIFICATE".

That is my update for all of you, presently; I'm living here with under UNHCR protection and code of conduct.

I'm strongly committed to freedom and democracy of Burma and Singapore.

I'm greatly appreciates all Burmese and Singaporean pro-democracy activists whose sacrificing their lives for freedom and democracy.

We shall overcome someday!


J Moe


Anonymous said...


that's a big SLAP on singaporeans.

thanks, 66.6%, for voting in these pple.

Anonymous said...

The PAP gahmen in cohort with the Burmese dictators, tries to silent and push individuals to the wall.

One day, the PAP gahmen leaders and the Burmese dictators will get a retribution.

I wish that the 66% of those who put the PAP gahmen in power.
Wake up ! The PAP has lost it already.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry that he had to resort to this just because our country chose to stand on the side of the junta. Speaks volumes about our values and Yes, I hope the 66.6% can see what thier stupdity has led to. A simple act of protest against unhumane actions to his own people doesn't warrant him to deserve having to become a refugee.
Blood is on your hands voters.
Chose with your Hearts or Lose with your Soul.