Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Petition against Whale Sharks in captivity at Sentosa

Resorts World at Sentosa wants to import whale sharks for the attraction and entertainment of visitors. Whale sharks are vulnerable to extinction and have never done well in captivity. They can grow as large as two city buses, migrate thousands of kilometers in the wild, and live up to a hundred years. It is just plain cruel to keep them in glass cages.

Whale sharks have never fared well in captivity. Two whale sharks died within five months of each other at the Georgia Aquarium.

Write to the Minister of National Development, the Singapore Tourism Board and Resorts World at Sentosa before this tragedy happens on our shores.

Please sign the petition.


Anonymous said...

ACRES is already lobbying on this issue. ACRES stands for Animal
Concern Research and Education Society. There is more at
http://www.acres.org.sg.If anyone feels strongly they can also
approach Dr Isabelle Louis of WWF International in Singapore Tel:
63230100 to register the concern instead of frustrating themselves by
approaching the govt agencies and the operator.

'Act wisely through collective and co-ordinated Efforts'