Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sad Life of Singaporeans (A poem for us)

Dear readers, our guest writer Mr. Parameswara loves this poem by another local blogger and would like to share it with all of you.

Sad Life of Singaporeans

Once upon a time,
in nineteen sixty-nine.
HDB were not only subsidized,
but standard of living also very nice.
One spouse working, all can survive,
children are children all running around so nice.

Fast forward 40 years, it is the dreaded two thousand nine,
HDB flats had all became smaller in size.
Now termed "market subsidized,
their prices are not so kind.
Cost of living had grown so high,
now both spouses have to work nine to nine.

We all have to work like mice,
just so we can get some rice.
While ministers all sitting on cloud-nine,
busy scheming for our every dime.
PAP MPs, all pretending to sign,
but in reality, have no minds.
Terrorist escaped, no need to resign,
fixed the oppositions also never mind.

Children from two, are getting up-sized,
before they even recognize, whatever is life.
Their minds are filled, with all sort of lies,
that Lee Kuan Yew is the only one who ever sacrificed.
Golden age came and went, in a flash of an eye,
economy chewed to death, by rodents and mice.

The government is simply, not so nice,
hinting us to send our elderly, far off to die.
Asking to explain, they are not kind,
"Lesser mortals" we became, while they walk high.
Is this the end? We can't resign.
This sad story of Singaporeans is our life.



palamirtam marimuthu said...

i can subscribe to this poem