Wednesday, April 29, 2009

SDP articles now available in four languages

Seelan/சீலன்: தமிழில் மொழிபெயர்க்கப்பட்ட சிங்கப்பூர் ஜனநாயக கட்சியின் இதழ்களை இந்த இணையப்பக்கத்தில் காணலாம் -

It is now four languages
28 April 2009, Singapore Democrats

The Singapore Democrats celebrate our multi-ethnic make-up as we proudly announce the launch of our Chinese, Malay and Tamil sections of our website -

The multi-lingual setup is yet another initiative to enhance the effectiveness of this portal and to expand our reach to Singaporeans. We will continue to develop the capability and power of our programme in cyberspace.

Such expansion is possible because our members and activists feel the passion for what we are doing. The fire in their bellies to promote the cause of freedom and justice in our nation is what drives the party forward.

They ask not "What's in it for us" but rather "What's in it for the future of Singapore".

Our ranks have grown over the last couple of years especially with the younger generation of Singaporeans. Together with this expansion came expertise and skills that the party needs but has hitherto not possessed.

And it is these skills that have enabled the Singapore Democrats and this website to grow.

This occurred because we have articulated our goals and policies in a clear and forthright manner. We have not shied away from taking a stand on the various issues that affect our society, unpopular ones included. We have also been at the forefront of Singapore's politics even during non-election years, working for reform and coming up with constructive ideas.

Singaporeans see this and many have stepped forward to become part of the SDP family.

But we are acutely aware that we need to do even more and to do it more proficiently. This website is but one example. In spite of the several measures we have taken, we will be launching even more initiatives in the coming weeks and months to enhance the site.

We invite you to be actively involved in the process. Without you and your support, the SDP will not grow. And if we don't grow, democracy will never become a reality in Singapore. But with you pitching in, we will grow even faster.

For a start please forward this message to your family and friends, especially those who read the three languages that we have put up. We will endeavour to update these sections on a fortnightly basis. Those of you who can help us translate material, please email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

We pledge to continue to fight off forces that conspire so cursedly to extinguish the flame of democracy. Won't you come and help us not just to keep the flame alive but make it burn ever brighter for all Singaporeans.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for NOT doing the bilingual thing (which, in Singapore, means English & Mandarin only)

ed said...

I wonder how many whom are celebrating this event realise that the SDP amongst others, still view racial numbers as significant determinants of significance.

As i was saying to a chinese acquaintance just yesterday - who aspires to doing more in the oppositional scene - that when a people are used to second class status, or used to seeing others as that, they will tend to overly-appreciate or laud the little that they achieve as opposed to being appalled that it has come so slow or that it isn't enough. The little done is seen for quite some time as reason enough to not do more or think there is much more to be done.

On the one hand, when what ought to be comes slow, it indicates the prevalence of biased views amongst those holding the reigns along with the incorporation of new entrants into the said biased vision. On the other hand, the fact that people have coped with the 2nd class status problem will dilute their view of its manifestation.

Coming back to what i said above, with regards to race and numbers being of significance to the SDP (and wp as well), just look at the order in which these various language choices are presented on their site (or represented on the banner in the wp site). As i had said in an earlier article on - internet regulation, opposition style - if i was heading these organisations, i would give more visual prominence to the least to indicate that numbers and race means nothing. Additionally, i have to say that to empathise with the least is the best argument one can put forward to claim that one is able to empathise with the relatively obvious. The SDP's and WP's approach simply reinforces what has been reinforced by the PAP for a long time - that significance ought to be equated with 'racial' numbers.

Most here, of all 'races', do not recognise these things simply because they have been accustomed to being apathetic, or used to little. It is this that significantly compromises the vision of oppositional minds. I'm often appalled that events and situations here that would be seen as grossly exclusive or discriminatory in the UK(where i lived for 5 years) are often passed with nary a reaction amongst the local so-called oppositional voices. Local oppositional voices will do well in studying how these problems, amongst a whole slew of others, are detected and resolved in other more 'racially' and politically enlightened states. A people whom are used to little, when attempting to confront it, will necessarily be disabled in varying degrees from detecting the problematic variables as they too are a perspectival product of the problematic milieu.

As i said to this chinese acquaintance yesterday, the devil is in the detail. That is where you'll find the root. If you want to get involved with the local opposition, teach them something. And do it by paying attention to that which nobody is. Anyone can look at what everyone else is preoccupied with, but if you believe that the only thing we can be certain of is the certainty of our infallibility, you will learn to look where nobody is looking. The formula is, 'the root of all evil finds its incubatory refuge and origin in all that is perceived to be good or the norm. Therein you will find the devil, smirking, at the arrogance of those who pick up the sword but cleanse not their self-absorbed sight.