Monday, May 11, 2009

Meet the Amazing Amazon Warriors of Singapore

By Parameswara, Guest Columnist
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I am skipping the roundup for last week to share an event which may be the start of a new era for Singaporeans. By now most of you would have been aware of the drama of AWARE. Please bear with me and read on. I will not be asking you to “shut up, sit down and listen.” That would be rude, undignified and desperate and I am polite, gracious and certainly not desperate. After all, I know some of you are listening to me - at least for now.

A couple of weeks ago a group of hijackers - in the name of God - took control of AWARE. After the takeover, Lady Madonna appeared to claim that she was the mastermind of the hijack. A pastor, Derrick Ho, then lead what coffee shop talk termed as “a Christian jihad” to rally support from members of his church and other churches for the new team.

Unaware of what awaits them in AWARE, they forged ahead with their crusade. Little did they know of the amazing Amazon warriors within! In a matter of weeks, these warriors in a neat strategic move, increased AWARE’s membership from three hundred to three thousand! At an EGM, they courageously overthrew the Crown Princess and her team.

Shakespeare said “Some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them.” For these amazing warriors they certainly achieved greatness. I salute you all - Ms Dana Lam, Constance Singam, Brema Mathia, Margeret Thomas and, last but never least, Mr. Siew Kum Hong who - possibly motivated by a sense of justice - took on the legal role for free!

Perhaps GOD had a hand in this victory too. Perhaps GOD is just. The hijackers in their strike broke two of God’s commandments. The first commandment of God says: Thou shall not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain, which they did. The eighth commandment says: Thou shall not steal. Steal or hijack, is there a difference?

So join me friends in saluting these amazing Amazon warriors of Singapore. You can’t find me on page 69 or page 73 of anywhere but you can find me here at this blog. So post your ‘salutes’ here and share this moment.

To these warriors, I have a message too. You have earned the respects of many of the 4 million Singaporean; some of whom have come to look upon you all as guardians of civil society. Many now know of the work that had been done - for gays, for women, and for migrant workers.

By default, you warriors have adopted many Singaporeans as your ward and most likely many of these Singaporeans will turn to AWARE in future. You warriors have achieved in these years what many NMPs had not over the years, and possibly created a “parliament” outside the parliament.

Focus your attention on these Singaporeans now, look into their concerns; work to narrow the gap of the income inequality that exists, strive for a minimum wage for Singaporeans to survive, lobby to lower the cost of living through tax cuts or suspension of taxes, cut costs of living by lowering charges of basic amenities like water, electricity, maintenance; and equally important increase welfare for our aged, for these aged had contributed to Singapore too in their time but are now sidelined.

Yes the $330 allowance per month indicates that. How can anyone survive on this amount, even if it means eating at hawker centers 3 times a day? Don’t ever forget, you are here today because of them. A final item, return the people’s CPF money.


Donaldson Tan said...

There is no mention of Xena the Warrior Princess.