Monday, May 4, 2009

Parameswara's Weekly Round-Up (19TH – 25TH April 09)

This week’s turkey pick for me must surely be Tiger Airways. As most of us are Asians and may not be familiar with turkeys, we will go Asian and call it - chicken shit of the week.

As you all know, though some may not, Tiger Airways is supposed to be a budget airline. Budget airlines are supposed to be a 21st century transportation big thing to bring lesser mortals around; to give us a chance to travel and see the world or some small parts of it at the moment - regional travel within your reach, that kind of thing.

Sounds too good to be true right? Do these budget airlines really think of us? Well, maybe sometimes some do. Or do they think the lesser mortals are the easiest to scam? Maybe these higher mortals are right, so we better stick together and not get scammed - at least not so often. Next time you guys are traveling, make a note of these reports on Tiger Airways this week.

4 April in Mathaba - Call to Ban Tiger Airways from Australia, ANZAC Offense

  • Tiger Airways arguably qualifies as the world's worst "low-cost “airline, with the real costs due to cancellations without notification and other illegal practices with resulting high risks to travelers, making its title as a low-cost airline disputable, according to Australian travel affairs editor at this news network.
  • Australians are complaining in increasing numbers, and calls for an investigation and banning of the airline as well as highly punitive fines.
  • The web is awash with countless stories of bad customer service, rip offs, illegal and immoral practices by Tiger Airways, which have also called into question the very reputation of Singapore as a "clean" business location.
  • Tiger Airways’ illegal use of ANZAC Day for its commercial benefit.

Ben Sandilands writes - Tiger’s ANZAC Day rip-off exposed

  • Tiger Airways launched a blatant Anzac Day rip off this morning leaving itself open to prosecution under the Crimes Act and by the ACCC. It announced a special ANZAC Day sale "with more than 30,000 FREE seats" for travel between 1 June and 30 September.
  • The use of the term ANZAC is protected under Australian law from commercial exploitation except under very limited and specific conditions which include the prior approval of the Veterans Affairs department.
  • And under ACCC rules an advertised free seat or fare means $0.00, not $0 plus airport charges and GST of between $22.08 and $35.13 plus a "convenience fee" of $5.
  • The ACCC’s rule on domestic air fares and the law in relation to GST prohibit the breaking out of that tax and other sub components of a fare and compel the advertising of the full price of the goods or services being offered to the consumer.
  • The first flights on offer under this Anzac Day sale are not available until June; the whole purpose of this exercise seems to be to associate the commercial sale of seats for use in a general sales promotion with Anzac Day and has no proper association with the observances of this day, and this is of considerable concern.

PARA: Beware of the Tiger.


The kampong quarrel seems to be spreading to other kampongs. Notice the news it generated in all the mainstream print media and on the net. Looks like there are many hidden hands involved - on both sides and a tinge of Hollywood too; but it’s not something I want to get into here, perhaps over coffee.

Straits Times - Aware Saga Aware adviser quits - Office locks changed

Straits Times - Leadership change at Aware - New exco got death threats. We are harassed and we fear for our families, they say

Straits Times - Leadership change at Aware - Coup leader comes open

Straits Times - Leadership change at Aware - Petition against new Aware

Other headlines:

April 21 2009 - Saudi Prince looks to sell Singapore Raffles hotel

PARA: Wow! Times must be real bad

April 21, 2009 - 55 'ignorant' lawyers let off

PARA: I thought ignorance of the law is no excuse

April 21 2009 - Singapore banker booked in dowry case

PARA: No more money in the bank?



Nyved said...

I suppose you guys have not heard of another worse airline called RYANAIR, which has the audacity to suggest charging for toilets, abolishing airport checkin counters and charging additional fees for overweight customers. The list goes on and on...making Tiger's supposed "crimes" look very minor.

And oh, they have explicitly abused people verbally:

SO i really cannot see where this complaint is headed. NOT until you fly Ryanair is anyone qualified to say which low cost airline is the worst in the world. I bet you will change your mind immediately after.

Seelan Palay said...

Hey Nyved, thank you for sharing that information with us.

Please note that we were not singling out TA as the worst airline, but sharing with our readers what we know and we awarded TA the "Turkey" of the week. Perhaps next week we will award it to Raynair.

Feel welcome to email any more of such information to me.

Nyved said...

As much as Tiger isn't a favorite airline for many (it's a budget carrier, my friends), i think being singled out is kinda deceptive, we need to hear the full story. I also need to hear whether Virgin Blue or Jetstar has similar incidents. I am sure there's more to the story.