Friday, July 3, 2009


Sotong Kid said...

Youtube and Vimeo and so on, have always existed by complying with international laws.


I don't see them changing their stand anytime soon, since it's their business or growth model.

Anyways, One Nation Under Lee was really good. Okay, most of it was very familiar to me but I did not even know there was a rightful candidate to the position of Prime Minister of Singapore. And it was very well put together and the ideas well-connected enough to help jolt some people's brains into motion.

A shame it's unlikely to unnerve any loyal civil servants who carry an undying zeal for Lee Kuan Yew and his policies. Not to say people aren't starting to see through him, though. The most surprising thing is that some of the anger against him even comes from those in a fairly comfy situation as they discover certain disturbing truths about him.