Thursday, October 22, 2009


Anonymous said...

I find it funny especially its take on the following :

1) the unmarried daughter had a preious Indian lover
2) the married son is actually gay
3) he has a previous wife who committed suicide
4) his kid from the previous marriage was mentally challenged

Is the scriptwriter asking for trouble ?

Seelan Palay said...

Hmm but strangely despite all the glaring similarities, the movie was passed by the censorship board and is now being shown islandwide.

Anonymous said...

Mr Palay,

Difficult decision lah.. If no ban, may be 100,000 people watch the movie... if BANNED, 1,000,000 will watch it over the internet....

What to do....

Seelan Palay said...

Yes, you've got a point there!

Anonymous said...

Anyone read this?

21 Oct 2009
The Blue Mansion
by Fridae Movie Club

Finally, a Singapore film with enough guts and good taste to parody founding father Lee Kuan Yew and his family. Or did we get it wrong?

Director: Glen Goei
Language: English
Cast: Adrian Pang, Lim Kay Siu, Emma Yong, Tan Kheng Hua, Neo Swee Lin, Sebastian Tan, Pamela Oei, Huzir Sulaiman, Patrick Teoh, Claire Wong, Louisa Chong, Denise Chan, Ben Tan, Steve Yap, Chermaine Ang, Glen Goei
Release Date: 22 October 2009
Rating: NC16 - Some Nudity

With Singapore theatre prices going through the roof these days, here is your best chance to watch Singapore’s finest theatre actors all under one roof for just S$9. The roof, in this case, belongs to the majestic blue Cheong Fatt Tze mansion in Penang – an architectural monument in Malaysia, and now the titular star of a whodunit movie.

Here is where the old tycoon Wee Bak Chuan (Patrick Teoh) lives – or rather, used to live. Mr Wee is now dead. But his soul lingers in the house, trying to solve the mystery of his own untimely demise. None of his three children (Lim Kay Siu, Neo Swee Lin and Adrian Pang) were particularly fond of him, so all become natural suspects to his murder.

Written by former political journalist Ken Kwek and directed by Glen Goei, The Blue Mansion is a classy and clever murder-mystery with some extraordinarily good performances. But what is quickly turning into the talk of town is speculation that the film is about the Lee family.

Netizens draw parallels between Wee Bak Chuan and Singapore’s founding father Lee Kuan Yew. They even claim that Wee’s three children share traits with Mr Lee’s own children. Whether these parallels are deliberate or coincidental, only the filmmakers would know. But there’s no denying how powerfully layered a satire it becomes because of them.

The Blue Mansion is easily the must-watch of the week.

Anonymous said...

I thoguht it was a cheap gimmick. Supposing you wanted to use similarities with a certain family in your movie, surely there must be a point to it.

Here I was expecting the moivemakers to give their theory of what would happen if a certain patriach would die. But no, we get some deluded plot about a ghost that was sitting on her hands for like 20 years and decide to do some real haunting later.

The references, if intentional, were used to achieved no end apart from self satisfaction. Masturbation in the form of film-making.

Seelan Palay said...

Most times, art is about self expression.

So even if you're right, that its done for self satisfaction, the artist has a right to it. But of course, you have every right to dislike it too.

I wouldn't boil it down and come to the conclusion that its a cheap gimmick though.