Friday, November 13, 2009

Is Government favouring foreign students?

This was originally a letter sent to the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP):

Hello SDP,

I am an engineering student in NTU. I have been visiting your website regularly, as I look forward to alternative news that mainstream media does not publish.

I was doing reseach on acing scholarship interviews when I suddenly stumbled upon this website

What surprises me is that it's our own local institutions providing free scholarships to Indian students to study in Singapore.

Please note that I have nothing against foreign students. We are after all human beings. My concern is why are we "punishing" our own people by making them pay for their own education. Even with government subsidy, it is still not enough, honestly.

The money (largely our taxpayers money) could have been better spent to develop our people. Yet, we are throwing it at people whose loyalty is in question.

If it were private institutions, we need not worry so much. But here, the institutions involved are SIA and MOE!

I am also quite disappointed with the situation that is happening in my university. Apart from the political apathy, I begin to wonder if we are really a world class university.

The university's emphasis has shifted very much into research. It may not seem much, but professors who are good in teaching are compromised. This eventually leads to poor quality teaching and in a way, the quality of the degree.

I have heard arguments that we are of poorer stock or whatsoever. The thing is, just because our forefathers were coolies, we are condemned.

Mr Ng


Anonymous said...

The next general election is coming soon. It is imperative that young Singaporeans like yourself who are eligible to vote to cast your vote to safe guard your future and your future children.

I heard from my friend's chidren studying in NTU that it is more like a China university now with lots of Chinese students and scholars. Is it true?