Monday, December 14, 2009

In praise of M. Ravi

I'd like to dedicate this blogpost to M. Ravi, the leading Human Rights lawyer in Singapore.

Other than social and political issues, Ravi and I have other similar interests like theatre. It may be a little known fact in the Singapore blogosphere that Ravi is a prominent actor in local Tamil television programs and plays, with his most recent leading role in Vadi PVSS's 'Thondan', a Tamil adaptation of Shakespeare's 'Titus'.

The performance took place over 3 days at the Esplanade to sell-out crowds. I attended one of the weekend shows with my Mother, who also greatly enjoyed the production. She commented that she never expected Ravi to be such a talented artist.

Ravi, like myself, is also a firm believer in animal rights and vegetarianism. We've had many splendid dinners together with friends discussing everything from the Death Penalty to the SPCA's methods of culling stray cats. Ravi also does excellent impersonations of local political figures that never fails to leave all at the table thoroughly entertained.

It's been a number of years now, and I still see Ravi as one of the local champions of Human Rights. He serves as an inspiration to Singaporeans young and old - lawyers, activists and artists alike.

Here is Ravi's recent video interview on SDP's Let's Talk, which I recommend everyone to watch:

Thank you M. Ravi.

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Anonymous said...

The lawyer M.Ravi sounds very calm and composed.. supreme social service.. more should follow his way of life

(no offences pls)
the interviewer keeps smiling at M.Ravi for no reasons.. it just spoils the seriousness of the session..

a realist said...

The mainstream media misrepresented him as a madman.He came across as a good man and I believe we should support the altruistic work he has taken to help the weak in society.

soojenn said...

That's what the MSM would usually project.. critics, opposition members in a bad light, to try to discredit them.

Perhaps Ravi should get the MSM to apologise to him, like what the yPAP chap Seah is expecting TR & Alex to do for causing him distress?