Friday, January 8, 2010


Robox said...

I think it is significant that James Gomez picked this occasion to announce that he is no longer a member of the Workers Party for two reasons:

1. That this occasion is also one for commemorating JB Jeyaratnam whose name was associated with the same Workers Party; and,

2. That it was a very public dissociation from the Workers Party on his part.

All I can say is that James Gomez has finally come to his senses: a party with an all-Chinese youth wing and a CEC comprising only Chinese except for one Malay (and ZERO Indians) should raise eyebrows about their committment to multiculturalism.

Do I care that my commment might invite responses accusing me of fostering disunity within the opposition parties - note that Low Thia Khiang's WP has NOT ONCE called for unity within the opposition?

Not in the least bit.

You see, I believe that the brand of disunity I am fostering is actually distressing the PAP much more than it is the opposition.

These are my reasons:

1. It should be obvious that the PAP has all but given up its goal of winning over 100% of the Singapore population to its fascist ideology.

2. Thus, the next best thing is to install a PAP-like party (or parties) - a kinder and gentler version of the PAP if you will - within the opposition ranks.

3. The WP - along with Mousey Tong - are only too happy to oblige.

That's why.