Monday, March 22, 2010


Anonymous said...

This kind of state-organised parade is very common among autocratic regimes in Asia too, such as in North Korea and the previous ROC when it was under martial law.

Seelan Palay said...

Yes it is a common sight among autocratic regimes, I guess they want to show their "strength" or something.

ed said...

It indicates the effort to subsume and associate the very idea of the 'individual' with the party and its ethos - as in, one being unable to exist without the party, or the party being the ‘first cause’ of all reality. This is not as well implied if a regiment of men were to march behind a single flag.

Additionally, it also gives one the impression of force by numbers, as the viewers in the grandstand, who would certainly be more numerous, aren't as well defined as one in consciousness as are the marchers.


However, rather than just focusing on these superficial similarities between the PAP and the Nazis, more astute minds would also be cognizant of similarities on the basis of traits and perspectives. In this, one could most plausibly argue for the fascist nature of the opposition themselves, i.e. with their hero-worshipping, xenophobia, oversights in the face of the interests of the non-Chinese, discounting of critique from the masses, etc. In this, we could say, that the agenda of the party in power has been achieved where the opposition, the supposed saviours of the masses and’ alternative’, is quite the living breathing example of the perspective of the proposition in many significant respects.


antihero said...

its a common sight alright, not surprising for political parties to engage in such activities, let alone those in power. if you have to link nazism (an epic fail btw) to the pap, u might as well throw in heaps of other irrelevant pictures.

"show their strength or something"? come on - do they even have to do that? groups of sporting grandparents taking part in traditional events/parades, u think they do that to "show their strength or something"?

incoherent, no link, epic fail.

Seelan Palay said...

Hi antihero, its meant to be a small joke, and it has to do with the previous article that I shared (which is linked at the end of this article).

Of course, you are welcome to call it whatever you want. But hope you relax lah :)

Anonymous said...


"not surprising for political parties to engage in such activities"?

Then how come Singapore's numerous political parties are not being seen doing the same? That, is where the link is, which you have failed to see my dear.

Anonymous said...

looks like kindergarten Nazi

antihero said...

@ carrotluo:

Very simple. My answer to your question:

If PAP marches out on the streets, people either clap their hands and wave, or people teng chu.

If some other political party marches out, people won't clap because of admiring the party's guts for doing so without a permit in any likelihood.

They'll most likely laugh their backsides off at the carrotluo who walks like a stuffed penguin, one hand holding a party banner, the other hand holding currypok/kuay/donut and looking as if you have a carrot up your ass, sunshine.

My fat dear, you want a link? Easy. PAP can march cuz it is in power. You march less than 5 metres and you will fall-out, most likely giving some lame reason to rush home and play what, world of warcraft?

@seelan: no worries lah. nice goatee btw.

Anonymous said...

Hi Seelan,

I see the lighter side of things, but even there, an important difference should not escape you.

Only one of the two groups are decked out in military fatigues. That is a world of difference, my friend.


Seelan Palay said...

It's just a joke, my friend.

But if you need the military to start marching down the streets, all you need is "freak" election, apparently:

“Without the elected president and if there is a freak result, within two or three years, the army would have to come in and stop it” - Lee Kuan Yew

Eci si Cami said...

To be a Nazi supporter seems outrageous given the right .....
If we learned anything from so many wars if I do not know what to say .......

Robox said...

Actually, if you use the political science criteria for what makes for a fascist ideology - and Nazism was just the name given to one brand of fascism - the PAP's ideology has in fact evolved to become a fascist one.

I've coined a name for it: Confucianazism.

Fascism is the totalitarianism of the right wing; communism, if it existed in a pure form which it never did, is the totalitarianism of the left. Both are considered extremist ideologies.

The Taliban in Afghanistan had many fascist characteristics - named Talibanism - however one usually waits until the economic agenda had time to unfold to be sure of it, which was a luxury the Taliban government did not have.

Most people are reluctant to accept that the ideology - and the emphasis here is on the ideology, or "the thinking" - espoused by the PAP is actually fascist. I think it is only due to the fact they associate fascism with physical brutality like it happened in Nazi Germany and Taliban Afghanistan, and the PAP has never taken their ideology to that extreme. But is doesn't mean that the PAP doesn't espouse the fascist ideology anyway, because this is about the "thinking" and not the "actions" and other outward expressions.

For those who still need convincing, there is a lot written about Hitler and his thinking, and the that acts that resulted from that thinking. You can read up on it.

Anonymous said...

Why not this year national day parade we get SDP to march. LOL

Seelan Palay said...

They would ask for a police permit, which when applied for would be rejected.