Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Attend SDP's Alternative Economic Programme forum this Sunday

After publishing a series of articles on their Alternative Economic Programme, the SDP is organising a forum this Sunday to collect public feedback on their proposals. Please feel welcome to attend and participate:

28 Mar, Sunday, 2-5pm

A Public Discussion: The SDP's Economic Alternative Programme
Hotel Grand Pacific (formerly Allson Hotel), 101 Victoria St, Victoria Rm, Level 2

For more info, read here.


Robox said...

Well, this is it: a historic day and a landmark occasion.

The day when the initial blueprint for the mature economy that was supposed to have been the Singapore under the PAP's steermanship that proclaimed itself to be a first world country, but has remained decidedly third world so far.

A first world economy that has still not been accepted into the OECD.

This is yet another pivotal point in Singapore's history, and all credit to the SDP.

Goodbye Kuanyewnomics, an economic philosphy that is entirely about degradation, deprivation, dehumanization, dysfuctionality and best of all, cruelty.

Say hello to Singapore's rehumanization.

Break a leg, SDP. (American for "good luck" to the those who are unfamiliar with Americanisms.) I'll put this date down as a historic turning point, if I were you.

workersparty! said...

We are elite unlike criminals in SDP.

Claim to be NGO yet support SDP

biasa lahh kann mama

Anyway....BILA BILAAAAA Workers PARTY!

Seelan Palay said...

There are civil society members all over the world that support political parties, even in our closest neighbour Malaysia. So I don't see why Singapore should be any different.

Anyway, if your comment is reflective of the sentiment within the Workers Party, then all the more reason why I wouldn't support it.

Thank you for putting your idiocy on public display :)

workersparty! said...

well mama pundek...

workers party have 2 seats in parliment...

so we dont give a damn to SDP :)

Anonymous said...

To the poster of March 30, 2010 5:21 AM

You redefine the term racist lowlife. I hope you are proud of yourself now.

Seelan, I am sorry that you have to receive such things.