Sunday, January 16, 2011

Yong, please don't die

I never knew you. And the closest I've ever been to you was seeing you through a glass barrier in a room where people argued to decide your fate.

I could never concentrate on what they were saying though. All I could think about was what you were thinking about. Oddly enough, the question, "What's on your mind?" is something that I've been using quite often recently.

Outside of the walls that you have to face in relative silence every day pondering about your life, I continue to live mine, surrounded by the people that I love. And sometimes, I'd wish we could switch places, but I know we can't.

I've seen several before you pass. Murdered by a state that never asks for my consent. Despite the hundreds and thousands of leaflets, the days and months and years of trying to get the rest of the people on this island to spare a compassionate thought for those before you, they were all... murdered.

With some others I stood outside the prison walls in all those final hours, half-freezing in the cold of the morning. But nothing could compare to 5:59am, when we all felt a rush of emotion, the knots in our hearts tightening for one last time.

Yong, please don't die. I can't ask anyone else for help anymore because I know they don't care. And even if they did, they couldn't do anything.

All I can do, is ask you. And knowing how hard it is for you to accept my request, is the greatest tragedy of all.