Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Why Young People Don't Participate in Politics

I recently read an article titled "Why Young People Don't Participate in Politics", and I found the latest comment posted to be of interest:

"I think too many of us are ready and willing to blame the political system for youth non-participation. This is a cop out. Of course the political system is frustrating and promotes cynicism--they all do to some degree. But the narrative that suggests it is somehow reasonable that young people turn away from participatory democracy because it is less than savory is ridiculous. And, in any event, I'm not sold by this narrative; it suggests young people attain a degree of understanding of what governance is and how it works only to suddenly turn away from this civic project. I don't believe this happens enough to explain youth non-participation. Laziness and lack of conviction, along with a lack of civic education, are the main contributors." - Benjamin Byron