Thursday, November 22, 2012

On Relationalism

Thereupon, the Venerable Nagasena said to King Milinda…" How then did 
you come on foot, or on a mount?" "I did not come, Sir, on foot, but on a 

"If you have come on a chariot, then please explain to me what a chariot is. 
Is the pole the chariot?" 

"No, Reverend Sir!" 

"Is then the axle the chariot?" 

"No, Reverend Sir!" 

"Is it then the wheels, or the framework, of the flag-staff, or the yoke, or the 

reins, or the goad-stick?" 

"No, Reverend Sir!" 

…"Then, ask as I may, I can discover no chariot at all. This "chariot" is just 

a mere sound. But what is the real chariot? Your Majesty has told a lie, has 
spoken a falsehood! There is really no chariot!...” 
But King Milinda said to Nagasena: "I have not, Nagasena, spoken a 
falsehood. For it is in dependence on the pole, the axle, the wheels, the 
framework, the flag-staff, etc, there takes place this denomination "chariot", 
this designation, this conceptual term, a current appellation and a mere 

"Your Majesty has spoken well about the chariot…” 

 (From The Questions of King Milinda)