Monday, March 11, 2013

This is better than Bollywood! (Singapore Indians on the Foreign Talent issue)

By Singapore Desk
If you never watched a Tamil program on TV before, this is one video you must not miss. This is Singapore core at its best, and our Singaporean Indian brothers and sisters who spoke from their hearts deserve the applause.

Episode 5 of this Series 2 Idhayam Pesugirathu talk show really lived up to its credo, invoking passion and pulling the heartstrings of the participants, and audience. The temperature was raised further when the policies behind the nefarious Population White Paper were – deservedly – trashed.

Let the screen shots speak for themselves:

How's that to kick start the National Conversation?

Debunking the official spin by MSM

Once upon a time Singapore was built by Singaporeans

Ain't that the bitter truth?

Something the planners forgot to factor in.

They even advise their kids to skip PR to avoid NS

Bowing down to demands of the foreigners

This gentleman was shaking his head in disbelief

If you repeat a lie often enough...

How do you say "Amen to that" in Tamil?

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