Thursday, December 4, 2014

Top 10 Websites

After my recent birthday, I spent some time thinking: What have I learned after 30 years of life on Earth? I wrote a couple of 'Top 10' lists, and I'll share them progressively here. First up: TOP 10 WEBSITES!

1. Encyclopedia Dramatica (Provides better lulz than Wikipedia.

2. Wikipedia (I once donated $5 to them, so I'd better get my money's worth!

3. EngageMedia (Cause I wouldn't work for them if I didn't think they were cool.

4. Ubuweb (Taught me more about art than art school, love the film section, all hail the avant garde!

5. Singapore Democratic Party (The only people who will tell it like it is.

6. Tumblr (Visual overdose is a hobby of mine, my blog there is

7. Reddit (For my daily dose of all the amazing (science) and terrible (politics) things in the world.

8. Kissanime (Yeah but I'm very selective.

9. Jamendo (Creative Commons licensed music.

10. Facebook (Forced to include this cause none of you check or reply email anymore. I'm at